Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Reason Why..

I decided to call this blog, "The Unusual Way" because when you really think about it, being a Christian isn't any ordinary way to be. Your must be content with being in danger, you go to places that no ORDINARY person would ever think about going! Being a Christian, from what I have gathered in the years, is quite crazy. God he just has these certain ways of doing things and there is absolutely no explanation except that, well, he is GOD!
  Today for one of the first times ever I felt support from my mom to go onto the mission field. Well really just into the world. It felt nice to just somehow have peace that one day when I do go off I can know that she is content with it. I told her I wanted to go to China and she then told me a story about these men, they had 100's of bibles and they knew that when they got searched they were going to get killed because in China it is illegal to preach the name of God!! How crazy right? Well anyways, God was amazing and when the men checked their bags, God had put a shield over the bibles so that they could not see! They got through and went on to minister in this lost and dark place. I long to do such a thing. I want to go out into the world and be forced to have courage and faith so strong that it is the only way I will survive.
  In my life so far I have had many chances to minister... With my friends, people I've just met or even the people I haven't even talked to before but I sort of know them... I just feel God is pulling me towards much much greater things and that he wants me to do so much more. He has great big plans for my life and they are special plans that are made specifically for me and no one else. The day I was born he then knew what I was going to do, when I was going to do it, when I would have my first kiss all the way until I take my last breathe. He knows every little spectacular detail about me. He created me in his image so that I might live out his word fully.
   You want to know the crazy thing about this all? Even though I know that death is something that could very easily happen to me if I went to China or even Africa... but I'm not scared. I have the power of God inside me living. I am made with a such a special purpose. God really has his work cut out for me now and for as long as I live. But I chose to be I follower of Christ... There is just too much proof to not believe it!!!!

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