Sunday, January 1, 2012

Worldly love, Eternal Death

I look at the children in Africa and I wonder.... I wonder the reason for their happiness when they have nothing. Wait a minute... They have love. The love of Christ Jesus our savior! In John it talks about gaining the whole world but losing your soul. These people, the children, in Africa have everything they will ever need! They do not need the things of this world to be happy. A rich man dies in his loneliness because all his friends forsake Him. They leave him with his selfish soul to live his life alone. The poor man lives a life of happiness with joy coming from the Lord; The great provider!!
   One day in my geography class, which I speak often of, we were talking about Latin America. Somehow by the end of class Coach Stallard was talking about the pictures she see's of the children in Africa smiling. FYI: her daughter is a missionary there! Luckily the bell rang then because I was about to start crying!
     In this world we seem to think we need this new game or this huge house to be happy. In our lives we live daily believing money can buy everything, even our happiness and love! That is not true. If you want to feel pure joy and holy love, accept Christ into your life! The African people are a great example of how money is not needed to smile and love your life.
   Yes, they do wish they had things like a nice home... But that is completely different from the American wants. We want things we do not need.... They want things that they do need like food, clothes, shoes, a home!!! How come? Our culture has come to this theory, bigger is better! "Oh well you don't have the new iPhone, your poor. Go away. " we have become a mean people. I believe that The United States and Asia need missionaries more than any place on this whole planet. They base their lives upon objects; idols!

I want to ask that as you read my blog and as you see that things of this world are not important, pray that your wants will go away. I struggle with this myself. I am 15 years old for crying out loud! I want makeup, a car, new clothes, things I don't need!!!! Nobody is perfect and who knows, you may not want to be happy with what you have. Go right ahead and spend your money on worthless things that will soon perish. In the end all you will have is your money... Yup, that's it!
   If you are not this person, pray for this type of person! Change the world!!!!!

Last note: there are over 300 young adult missionaries are in South Africa, Mexico, and Panama. They need prayers that God will move! They need prayers for safety! They need prayers for comfort as they journey out!!! Also there are SERVE: groups out and have been for about 4 months now. They are probably missing their families; vise versa. Pray for comfort and that God would continue to do the work he is doing in the lives of both the missionaries and the people of Africa, India, all over the world!

Thanks guys! (:

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