Monday, January 16, 2012

6 reasons why.

 I have finally heard the voice of God speaking and telling me why. A couple of months ago I acquired this passion for Africa. I fell so in love with a place that I had not thought about since I was 11 years old. I knew God wanted me there soon! I just blamed it all on my dad and it obviously wasn't his fault. No one can stand up against God!! I am going to be writing today about the main reasons why I think I am not going and the reasons I think I am ready to go.

First of all, I think God has put something inside of me that is just so amazing that makes me stand out in a crowd. I am not trying to sound all conceited but I do believe I have something special. I think one reason why he has called me to be a missionary in foreign places is because of the faith and trust I have in him through everything I do. I always have my eyes upon on Jesus and believe that it is all apart of his plan for me.
   Reason number two would be that I have the ability to love anyone, especially children. I love to spend time with people and get to know them personally. I will sit down and cry with someone about something sad or rejoice with them in times of happiness. I try my hardest not to judge people! When someone decides that they want to share their life story with me, I make a promise to myself and that person I will not judge them. If God loves them, I want to love them. I want to be like him in as many ways as possible!
  The third reason would be that I am not afraid of sharing my heart and love for Christ with someone. I am very open when it comes to my relationship with him. I love for people to know that I am in love with my savior but sometimes I think it would be better if they found on on their own by getting to know me. I love that I have that boldness about me, in some cases it can seem as if I am trying to gain fame by saying I am a Christ follower. That would be so untrue. I want to live my life in a way pleasing to him. I could not post about God on my Facebook but I want to!!! Who knows, maybe someone who is lost will see it and ask me questions about it... I love Christ and you and your comments do not bother me(:

Now moving on to why I believe I do not belong there right now....

 God is using me in such a spectacular way here in my hometown! Two of my friends have become Christians just because they saw Christ living through me! I feel that right at this very moment God wants me to stay here and live out my faith. He wants me to be stronger than I already am. He is waiting for that moment where I am so in love with him that I would be willing to give up my life for a person I do not know.
   Number 2: I am young. Not in my age but in my faith. It has only be recently since I became so involved with Christ and wanting to learn more about him. He wants me to be able to go to Africa knowing as much as someone can know about our Savior. I do not want to start talking to a person about him and hesitate on what to say! I want to know and be so excited to speak about it!
  The last reason is that I am not needed there right now. When I am needed he will call me! I need to make sure that it is God and not just something I would love to disguise as God.

I hope that God does continue to work through me and I pray that one day soon I will be getting on a plane set for Africa. I cannot wait for that day... But until then I will pray, love and desire to know him more and more. "Patience is the key" a dear friend told me... 

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